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"When we ran into trouble with our accrediting agency, an accrediting agency official told us to get a good consultant. When I told him we were planning to use Agron & Associates, he replied, 'If you use Agron, you won't have any problems.' He was right. Our most recent report from the accrediting agency was very encouraging."

Dean of Administration
KPCA College & Theological Seminary

"Agron & Associate's extensive knowledge of higher education, including your knowledge of distance education and the WASC process for substantive changes, were key ingredients in our division's development of a strategic plan. Your team went above and beyond all expectations in delivering a plan and presentation of extraordinary quality, despite an aggressive schedule and high expectations. Our executive leadership team was favorably impressed with your collective professionalism."

Kathaleen Reid-Martinez
Vice-President of Non-Traditional and Experiential Learning
Azusa Pacific University

"Thank you, Agron and Associates! With your help we achieved candidate status. Dr. Morgan and Dr. Agron are most knowledgeable--we learned so much from you about how to operate our school successfully. Enrollment is up! Giving is up! Our library is improving! We look forward now to accreditation in four years."

Ihn Chae Chung
Academic Dean
International Reformed University and Seminary

"The Agron people have been of significant assistance in helping the institution move forward in the articulation of its mission and goals, and in the development of self-study materials.With the assistance of Agron & Associates, the institution has worked through a very thorough process to better articulate its mission and goals. I was impressed with the work that went into the process and the care with which everything has been accomplished.The institution has made a good deal of progress since my last visit. Certainly, Agron & Associates likely deserves a lot of the credit for moving the self-study project along 2004."

Report to KPCA College & Theological Seminary
by the Associate Director of Association for Biblical Higher Education (Note: all the positive comments one year after the institution had been in trouble.)

"I have had the personal and professional pleasure of working with Mike Morgan [Senior Associate] on numerous activities- from regional accreditation to institutional related evaluation projects. Mike has consistently demonstrated the very highest levels of professional ability and personal integrity. His knowledge of the accreditation process was particularly helpful in LIFE attaining initial WASC accreditation."

Professor Gary Gramenz
Director of Institutional Research
Life Pacific College

"Under the guidance of the consultant, the institution is completing a process that should eventually lead to a refinement of the present [institutional goals and program objectives] and the development of new program specific objectives. I am acquainted with the process that is under way and believe it to be very effective."

2004 Report to World Mission University
by the Associate Director of Association for Biblical Higher Education

"The educational program, self-study materials, and outcomes assessment plan [designed by Dr. Agron] reflect well researched, up-to-date, and imaginative design."

1998 Report of Evaluation Visit to Bethesda Christian University, by the Executive Director of the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges

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