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Accreditation101 Podcast

Accreditation 101 podcast, produced by Agron & Associates, Inc., is information about how to develop a school.

Since 1999, Agron & Associates, Inc. has specialized in helping Christian colleges achieve accreditation with legitimate accrediting agencies (i.e., agencies approved by the Department of Education and / or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation).

Typical topics of discussion are:

  • Writing a self study (i.e., compliance document, institutional research plan, strategic plan)
  • Handbooks
  • College Fund-raising
  • Faculty
  • Student Recruiting
  • Distance Education Programs
  • Orienting and Training Board Members (including their responsibility to support the school)
  • Choosing an accrediting agency
  • Preparing for a team visit (and other visits from your accrediting agency staff).

Don’t subscribe to this podcast. Instead, have your entire team subscribe.  College administrators will find this podcast to be excellent professional development. If you are writing a self study for reaffirmation or for initial accreditation, this podcast is ideal for training your team. If you are considering accreditation, this podcast will be quite helpful to your board, faculty, and staff.

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