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My Professor Hates Me Podcast

A Re-education Camp Survival Kit — (www.myprofessorhatesme.com)
Everything You Need to Survive Four Years of Indoctrination.

How do you survive four years of indoctrination with a good sense of humor (not to mention surviving with your sanity)?

  • Perhaps it will help to calculate how much tuition is paid for your professor’s monologues on politics.  “What does her opinion of the president have to do with English Composition anyway?”

  • Perhaps nominating your professor for an Educational Malpractice Award will help you keep a sane perspective.  Do you have a professor who would be a good candidate for the Benedict Arnold Award for Patriotism, the Karl Marx Award for Economics, or the Keith Olbermann Award for Intellectual Dishonesty?

  • Perhaps this antidote to politically correct propaganda will rescue your classmates from the myopic liberal perspective that is the only intellectual option allowed in various departments of the ivory tower.  This results in intellectual malnutrition.  Students who thought they were coming to college to learn how to think are instead told  what to think.  Thus, they are held captive to vain philosophies.  Help free them by spreading the word.  Send them to www.myprofessorhatesme.com.

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