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By working with our experienced associates, a school is more likely to:

  • Achieve accreditation
  • Achieve accreditation sooner
  • Become a stronger school as we help you through the accreditation process

Our task is to enable schools to become worthy of accreditation.  By using accreditation processes to set up organizational systems and to mentor college administrators, the school (and it's administrators) will become highly effective in many aspects (e.g., curriculum, faculty, fundraising, student recruiting, board and governance, achievement of mission, student services, .... and so much more).

We can work with any accrediting agency that is approved by the US Department of Education and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.  With these accrediting agencies, a school is benefited by:

  • Attracting more students and donors
  • Being able to distribute Federal Student Financial Aid
  • Being able to transfer their students to other accredited schools
  • Having a stronger reputation for legitimacy

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